Room 10 Ms. Gleeson

here is what we are doing this week

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Thank you to everyone who sent in some beautiful Spring flowers for us to examine in the classroom. We had tulips, daffodils and various other flowers which brightened up our room. We looked at cute baby animals and budding flowers and trees to get us excited about Spring. We then began to learn about the life cycle of a plant which we followed up by planting our own individual flowers.

Our topic at the moment in Maths is Length. We began measuring ourselves and various other objects around the classroom using our hands and feet.

We made our own percussion instruments out of used bottles, Pringles tubs, butter tubs and tin cans. We had great fun decorating them. We then filled our recycled items using lentils, rice and dried pasta.

We were very excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in room 10. We created shamrocks using clay and decorated them with paint.

We also created St. Patrick’s Day floats using tubs, cartons, boxes and various other objects that we could get our hands on. We even had our very own parade in the classroom with our floats.

We were also lucky enough to join the rest of the students in the school in the halla for a Céilí. We danced until our legs were tired!

We had lots of fun experimenting with forces. We collected various objects such as toy cars and figurine animals. We used wooden ramps and changed the surface by adding felt, sand paper and tin foil. Then the fun began. We tested to see if the objects moved faster/slower/the same/more easily on the different surfaces and at varying heights. We even tested our very own St Patrick’s Day floats on the ramps.

Second class were very lucky to receive a special visit from a wonderful author recently. Jackie Burke read a number of extracts from her thought provoking books to the girls. We had lots of interesting questions for Jackie and were very appreciative of the bookmarks and posters that we received.