Room 3 Ms. Heneghan

We have had a happy and action packed start to the school year in Room 3. Take a look at what we have been up to!

In October the two fourth classes took a trip to Donadea Forest.
Despite the rain, we enjoyed an educational and fun morning in Donadea. We learned about the History of Donadea and Donadea Castle and went on an Autumn scavenger hunt where we identified leaves from a variety of trees e.g horse chestnut, oak and beech.
We also gathered some Autumnal items and created a display in school. Here is our Autumn board.

One of our favourite parts of our first two months in fourth class was learning about early Christianity in Ireland. St. Patrick spread Christianity in Ireland. Ireland was once known as the land of Saints
and Scholars. Between the years 500 and 800 AD many monks came to Ireland to study. The monasteries in which they studied consisted of a variety of many interesting and important buildings such as the scriptorium, the beehive cells in which the monks slept,
the forge and round towers. We invited our parents in to our classroom to look at our projects.

Take a look at our monasteries

Maths week took place the same week as ‘Ophelia’ hit our country!
Every day we completed maths puzzles. We also participated in Mangahigh – online interactive maths puzzles and activities.

We created ‘Flower Factors’

We enjoyed some challenging but fun maths activities with the transition year students from Scoil Mhuire.

One of the best days so far this year was dress up day for Hallowe’en.
We made Hallowe’en masks and dressed up.